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every pet deserves a warm,

dry be

every pet deserves a warm,

dry be. 

who we are...

We are people who care.


We are Pam and Gary Schroeder. We have a home, we are warm at night, we are well fed, our puppy is safe...we are very, very blessed.


Not everyone, including their pets, are so lucky. Many animals are adopted, raised, and cared for by people that, for whatever reasons, find themselves without shelter. These animal companions did not choose their fate or their living conditions, but they do provide incredible, unconditional love and companionship. This bond, in most cases, is both the human and the pet.


During the terribly cold winter of 2013, while out walking Cody, Pam came up with an idea..."Why don't I cut one of my old yoga mats in half and give it to someone less fortunate, so that they can provide their pet with a slightly better place to rest?" She came home and told her idea to Gary. The next morning, with 2 pads in tote, Pam hand delivered her first mat. It was so genuinely appreciated by the currently shelter limited person and their pet, she knew that she was on to something special. Within a week, Gary had a template for cutting and stenciling, and by reaching out to neighbors and friends, more than 25 yoga mats were literally dropped at the front door.


pads4pets was born.


Initially, Pam hand delivered each mat...making it impossible to get them into as many hands as she wanted. Subsequently, pads4pets has teamed up with VET SOS to help with the distribution. They are an incredible volunteer-based project providing free veterinary care for the companion animals of those without shelter in San Francisco. They provide at no cost, a significant list of healthcare services, food and nutrition, collars and leashes, cages and blankets, and even toys. Please help them...your donations will be greatly appreciated.


To date, pads4pets has delivered over 1,200 mats...and counting!



Pam Schroeder
Gary Schroeder
cutest yellow lab ever!

​and I am the idea person, the inspirational leader, and chief. I have a real passion for pets... especially big dogs. I truly know how the love of a pet can change a life. My career in ad sales gave me the experience to see a concept from ideation to sale.


​and I am the design/production guy. My 30+ years in advertising gave me full license to come up with a name, and logo design for pads4pets. My engineering mind means that I will be overseeing most/all of the production for some time to come.


​our beloved boy...has passed away. Thank you to all of you that expressed your condolences.

The reality is that Cody had a great life...full of love, full of fun...and blessed us with so much more than we could have ever dreamed possible. He is missed...greatly.

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